Just An Introduction

Dear professors,
My name is Lee Marine,a student from *** majoring in Accounting.I will graduate this June.

In the past four years,I have dedicated myself to the learning of my specialty.I have won three times scholarship of university and the honor of three-good student.I am the chairman of the student union and also a class leader as the secretary of Youth League Branch,so I have the opportunity to organize a lot of activities,such as simulated recruitment and New Year’s party,which greatly improved my ability of organization and communication skills.

I think Accounting is a highly applied subject which is the part of the economic management activities.Through information collection,procession and summary,accounting can provide effective information for ecomonic decision-making and management.As for my coming postgraduate life,I plan to read relative books on accounting and inhance my practical ability furtherly.Maybe my idea is not mature,I hope I can get your guide.

That’s all.Thank you.




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